What to trade; individual stocks, forex, futures?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Starspa, Feb 17, 2018.

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    Starspa, here are some hard won insights from a number of successful traders to help you create your trading strategy.
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  2. Starspa


    Thanks, I will read them; I have listened to all of the "Chat With Trader's" interviews on YouTube.
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    Here on more that is probably better than the first one I sent.
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    Its more difficult
    but serious way to do trading and win
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    cee gee

    Starspa, how can I contact you to follow up on this discussion about order flow? I've seen examples of it on Ninja but would like to see if it is available on trade station.
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    Well I know just enough to be wrong, but YouTube has plenty of people that might have what you are looking for.
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  7. News flash. They're all teaching. -- If anyone truly has the ability to make a waterfall of money, they would be spending their time showering in it :rolleyes:, :p ...instead of selling shower heads, and shower curtains, and shower rings, and rubberized floor mats,

    It's 2018...Make Trading and Your Life Great Again...High-Five`
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    If you noticed that fact, then you can’t call yourself a newbie or whatever! You are definitely a seasoned player. Coming to the reasoning, I think that is so because these trades are high risk bets and “elites” love to take big risk because they are mostly trading on others money!
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