What to trade; individual stocks, forex, futures?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Starspa, Feb 17, 2018.

  1. Starspa


    So I'm a newbie exposed; all of my responses to your comments are buried in your comments. I figured out how to segment the response now so I've improved.
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  2. Xela


    I see! I hadn't noticed them before, sorry ... have caught up, now, and wishing you good luck.

    Please excuse my mentioning that judging by your new avatar, the experience has also apparently aged you somewhat ... [​IMG]
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  3. Starspa


    Yes it has, this is a tough crowd! Please don't wish me good luck, we know that isn't going to cut it! I do wish the best for you also!
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  4. Overnight


    So in the first sentence you do not gamble and do not play video games, but in next sentence admit that trading the first hour of every morning provides the excitement and entertainment of video games and casinos. How would you know this unless you actually played video games, and casinos and gambled? The only way to truly know what the differences really mean is to actually do all of it for real.

    Play real-time MMORP video games and learn what virtual currencies truly are. Play in a real casino and learn what gambling really is. You will eventually find a mid-point where all of that comparative nonsense just does not work and you find yourself back to the basics about risk control. The typical opening-bell volatility is not a fun place to be.

    While you may find it fun and exciting, I find it excruciating. I am not looking for short-term entertainment and excitement. That is what video-games and casinos are for. I am looking for longer-term movements, which you cannot get in either gambling or video games.
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  5. Starspa


    I fully understand and appreciate your response. For me to say that I don't gamble or play video games does not imply that I have not done both, which I have, but that doesn't negate the most important message that you have conveyed; this is not meant to be a fun and exciting game, it is serious business. I am quite sure the fun and excitement phase will quickly vanish the first moment I loose 5G because the excitement and euphoria caused me to make a poor decision.
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  6. tomorton


    It can be fun and exciting, but only in so far as chess can be fun and exciting.
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  7. qxr1011


    as a wannabe trader your main concern should be how to trade, not what to trade.

    by the time (and it should take years) you develop you method you will have an answer on what to trade

    but whatever you play with now (while developing the method) do it on paper only
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  8. Starspa


    Due to the fact that I didn't know if trading equities vs. futures or options trade exactly the same, when it comes to set ups, I thought and still do, that it is much wiser to determine what is the best instrument to trade before one starts.
    One thing I have noticed is that most seasoned traders believe that it will take all new traders years to master the art. You don't have a clue of who I am, my intelligence, my abilities and all that I have accomplished in life, so how in the world can you stereotype me?

    I have been studying, researching and paper trading (full time) for six months and it won't be until I gain an average of $1000 a day that I will go live, which I'm very close.
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  9. jinxu


    You're 60 years old. Why do you want to trade?
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  10. jinxu


    We are giving you an honest opinion based on our collective experiences. At the end of the day, it's up to you to do what you wish with it. You could learn in less then a month or it could take you years. There are outliers in the daytrader community but being one just from definition is very rare.
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