What to trade; individual stocks, forex, futures?

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  1. I trade options on ETFs and futures. I trade on my iPhone during lunch and immediately set a closing trade to take my profits at my specified target. I then set an alert to tell me when to get out if it goes against me . You don’t need fancy hardware or software. What you need is a written plan! Study your plan. Revise your plan. Live your plan. My plan and my disciple to follow my plan is my secret weapon. Best wishes and happy trading!
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    Welcome. As a non professional mom and pop retail I found the professionals on ET were very willing to answer my questions and hopefully they will do the same for you.

    I found day trading extremely difficult (not profitable) but longer time frame trading was easier (profitable).

    Why options? as the other posters said: leverage. You can leverage using margins but margin calls tend to happen at the worst time and you are forced to sell low. With option there is no margin call but time decay is your enemy, slowly eating away your premium.

    I have found my niche and since 2013 exclusively trade options. To me the most rewarding part of trading is being right about my opinion of the trade vs my counter party.:D

    Good luck to you.
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  5. Write down your plan in this thread. Thanks in advance!
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  6. No!
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    Almost every day, between 5 and 10 small cap, low float stocks have substantial liquidity, which are the ones I follow.

    I would never hold a stock, such as these, over night.

    The word betting is very appropriate; I don't gamble and I don't play video games, but I think equity trading the first hour of every morning provides excitement and entertainment; not much different than the best video games and gambling casinos do.

    That's what I don't understand or have knowledge of; is day trading equities riskier than forex and futures?

    Yes I do have a plan and have been trading on paper for six months, while I make it more profitable. Of course I know that I need to cut my results by at least one half because of non-fills and slippage.

    I am using a direct access broker, that along with fiber optic internet service and a super fast computer, I can get out of trades pretty quick, if they head away from my position. I have software that identifies the stocks I will follow and Bookmap that dissects the order flow, allowing me to know where the volume is coming from. With four 4K monitors, I have the screen space that can provide a huge amount of information along with over 20 charts. Now lets get ready for the drum, I mean eye roll; I also use the identities of two candle configurations, Bollinger Bands to non-standard settings and seven EMA and SMA's and of course VWAP.

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    Funny!! Due to the unexpected response, I have updated my photo! Besides, my wife already cheated on me and out of much and more than one business partner stole from me, all in a weird and very complex way.
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    I apologize Bobby! I have updated my photo so that we can get back to more appropriate topics. Quite frankly, I'm not qualified to give advice on either.
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    Thanks for the feedback! I really like the challenge and excitement equity trading provides the first hour of the morning, but I am going to start gaining knowledge of the markets the majority of those on this forum partake in.
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