What to trade in making a big splash?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Batterup, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. What is the correct instrument to trade? I am new to this field of trading and want to get off the blocks like fast. i have heard not to do options because those types are strange and in college could not get laid at all, others say they are blacksheep of the family. Futures traders seem to have a lot on the ball but i wonder if they on average are as good as the average bond trader on a bad day. Stocktraders seem to fall somewhere in between, surely they are forever looking for the next piece of insider information to put them over the top for the year, that would make the mom and dad feel relieved for sure. But in all candor i need some guidence, please help. which is best for a well healed and handsome newbie to make the big splash? Thank you in advance for your kind, considerate and thoughtful self in helping me. Later, my new fellow sidekicks.
  2. QQQQ

    trade it until profitable.

    Nothing splashy about learning how to trade

    Be Prepared for the nightmare of your life
    and repeated failures.
  3. mizer


    Trading the oil/natural gas sector would be good place for someone like you to start. Try out...........CHK, HAL, APA, COP, SLB, etc

    And don't let WANNABE traders like CoolWHIP discourage you with thier failure storys, just cause they cant make money does'nt mean you won't.
  4. i second what mizer says, only i'd contest that we could really use you in er2
  5. baseball cards?
  6. LOL you appear to have preconceived notions concerning your instrument of choice(bonds), the choices others have made(IYO they're lamerz):p, and yourself (well healed and handsome ) LMAO

    Well we are all here at your disposal and I must say I'm thrilled with the honor.

    You'll make a big splash alright, after you crash and burn you can go jump in a lake.:D

    I would throw your pretentious ass a towel but by then you will have thrown it in yourself.

    P.S. Use margin...the pro's do