What to trade (ES v NQ v YM v TF v others)

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  1. Hi All,

    I'm trying to settle on what futures contract to start trading. Whilst there are stacks of threads that go over this sort of thing, I haven't seen one which weighs up the pro's and cons of them in comparison to one another. So I'm hoping to start a relatively open discussion not based so much on trading experience, style or strategy rather on the products themselves from there I suppose anyone can ascertain where that fits in to their own experience/style/strategy.

    Floor is open.

  2. Someone inevitably will post a learned dissertation on the future which offers the highest return on assets based on the lowest offered broker margin, payout multiple, tick size, current price and current volatility. I could do that myself, but it would lead you astray. Others will opine about the virtues of liquidity. The truth is that you should trade what is simultaneously the most predictable and exhibits the most persistent trending on the time scale you like to trade, regardless of any fancy financial or trade analyses.
  3. @FlemingSnopes - I don't disagree with what you're saying at all. There are different ways to decide what to trade for the individual I suppose I'm just trying to collate the reasons to and not to trade any of these instruments so that myself and others can make a somewhat informed decision.

    @millionaire7 - Why do you trade the TF and if you're honest what are your biggest gripes about it? Thats a good article but its a year old and word on the street is that the TF has changed lately although I'm just repeating what I've read in other posts.
  4. Take a look at Fx futures and Gold futures as well, a lot more exciting than index futs!

    Just have a game plan and use stops!
  5. Read this post again, KingItchee. It is the answer to your question.
  6. Thanks. Now if only someone would tell him what future that is.
  7. there are some key "pre" answers we need from you before an educated answer can be given by us..
    questions for you:
    1-how much cash will you be trading with?
    2-have you ever traded anything before?stocks, options, forex?
    3-how many years trading experience?
    4-do you totally and thoroughly understand futures and their high risk?
    ...we may find out you are a newbie and need to give more intro information
  8. I'm happy to answer those questions increasenow but as I suggested I was intending this to be more of a general comparison.

    As for how much cash 20k, previous experience 2yrs options trading and yes for the most part I believe I have a good understanding.

    I have spent the last 3+ months trawling these forums, web in general and doing some demo trading. I'm just trying to make the best possible decision for me in relation to the whole game, what to trade, what software to use, what broker etc. I find myself flipping a little on reading various post etc across several of the main instruments I've outlined in the subject, so this thread was intended settle on one.
  9. wow...you are right on...if I had $20,000.00...I would trade futures also...what futures broker are you trading with?
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