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Discussion in 'Forex' started by skot815, Nov 18, 2008.

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    its taken me almost a yr. of trading everyday to lose 3k..

    ive never felt so good about losing..
    but now i am knocked out entirely..

    i did the no no and used capital i didnt really have to lose... but ive never had much money to begin with. i just feel sorta lost cuz i dont have a job or even a car but i still feel as though i can trade the markets.. i dont use any generic systems.. just my own ideas that seem to work well, and it sounds funny saying that cuz i dont have nuthen to show for it.. just lookn for someone with a similar experience i guess.. am i being too positive?? am i some kind of trading addict??
    i dunno guys/ladies... is it silly to try and get someone to back my trading?? any words of wisdom would be nice.. the reality of everything is just a lil scary right now..
  2. Ah, that feeling of relief after blowing an account...so calming...all the pressure and anxiety gone! It's strange how that works, but I have experienced that in the past .

    It took me a few times of blowing my account before I learned how to trade with that mental calmness that I only used to get after blowing an account.

    BTW, you are badly under capitalized with only 3K. Even with the best strategy on your side, the odds are still against you. Commission, slippage, etc, will eat up that 3K before your loses even get to it. My best advice to you is to get a job that will help you build a larger capital before you start trading again.
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    i taught myself everything.. i dont have a college degree and have bounced around alot in work experience just because.... this is a big jump, but such a rip-off. my best earnings yr. was under 30k gross.. im capable of so much more if somehow i had an opportunity...
    its not that im relieved because of the stress factor..
    i just still believe i can do good... and not just good... excellent.
    even during my loosing trades..
    omgosh i learned so much from them..
    now it seems i am so close to breaking out..(even with a small account)
    but.... unfortunatly im broke. maybe i could trade a small account for someone just to proove earnings on a % level... it feels sorta like a drug addict or something but i want it so bad.. and not all for the money.. just to show that i can do it... maybe just for myself.. thanks:)
  4. Slippage is more of a problem when trading when trading large orders.