What to read after Natenberg?

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  1. I'm closing in on finishing Natenberg for the second time, which is the highest level book I've read. I understand about 90-95% of it, so I believe I'm ready for the next step. What do you guys suggest? All I can think of right now is Augen.
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    It depends. What do you want to do with your knowledge?
  3. Right now I'm trying to do this for a living (independently). I've been live for seven months. Anything that will help me with that and keep me on an upward progression from Natenberg (I read several beginner's books before him).
  4. Augen is redundent with what you have already read....

    Hull's stuff is a well agreed upon staple read...

    It jumps quick in complexity at this point .. at least for me it does...

    Some advanced ideas, but you should challenge your understanding of options markets and analysis before putting too much of your money at risk.
  6. Augen is a hobbyist. Go with Hull and start trading.
  7. +1 on that..... I really thought his books didn't have much substance....
  8. Hull's book is the bible. I also like Sinclair's work, and Baird.
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    filthy's books is the way to go. hull + dynamic hedging by NT is optional but helpful
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    Volatility Trading, by Euan Sinclair
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