What to look for when choosing a Forex broker

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    Yes!! true that.
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  2. when choosing a broker we should choose the right one which is more appropriate to the concept of trading that will be used , if love doing scalping should choose the broker which allows trading concept such as this.
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  3. First you should ensure the broker is regulated or not with regulated bodies like FCA and others and than check the reputation of the broker maket. Also a broker should has good customer support and good trade execution.
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  4. its very common services and general , i have a question , regulated trading broker always can ensure the security of funds ?
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  5. Burigelv


    Basically, in order to choose a broker, there are no special problems, all information is available in full.
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  6. Esha.J


    While selecting a forex broker i personally check the customer reviews availble online and also ask close friends working in this feild of forex. Regulated broker are one we can trust on.
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  7. fargone


    When your broker is regulated and registered under ICF, you are in a safe place. By that, I mean, your funds are entirely covered by insurance just in case the broker goes down the south. This is what I noticed for the first time with fxview, while i was going through to check authentication, they are ICF registered which means that my funds will be compensated upto 20K Euro. You should also check your broker for the same.

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  8. tomorton


    Things to look for would include -

    1. a strong respected regulator to stop Ponzi-type operators and stop-hunters
    2. broker has segregated bank account for client funds
    3. negative balance protection so even if you're long EUR/CHF and it crashes 20%, you cannot end up in debt
    4. deposit protection (but find out what the upper limit to this is and if that means a full 100% compensation on the full amount)
    5. competitive spreads and fees
    6. no withdrawal fees
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    These points are really correct, and you can focus on them.
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    During the training, we are told about the nuances that we must take into account when choosing a broker, and they must be taken into account.
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