What to look for in Light Sweet Crude?

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  1. Hi, see, in stocks you have fundamental data like earnings, return on investment, sales growth, etc. But for what does Crude Oil have? I know we are comparing apples to oranges here, but I truly would like to know what fundamental data would be beneficial to use in order to make a sound decision on whether to play crude oil or not?

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    EIA report
    Contract Rollover
    Geo Political crap
    Fog in the shipping channel
    Price of Natgas
    Ethanol supply
    OPEC's mood
    NYMEX floor trader's
    Hedge funds manipulation
    GWB's position

    Read PLATT's reports for more reasons!

    el surdo
  3. Or ignore all the fundamentals, and trade off your charts. I know its not what you asked for, but works better for me. Otherwise, too much bias enters my trading.

    I am flat during the energy reports on Wednesdays however.
  4. Jayford, what do you mean by "flat"?
  5. Surdo



    FLAT = NO position

    You really need a new screen name!

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    I trade QM without charts, only looking at current price, and hi/lo for the day.
  7. And how do you do that exactly?
  8. I'd imagine he uses a DOM screen. He probably has a background in equities trading. I used to work at a "prop" shop where most of the guys didn't use charts, only L2 screens. Most of them were scalpers though. Tough to hold a position very long without charts for reference on past levels.
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    Unless you are getting spoon fed "order flow" from a desk or the NYMEX floor, there is NO WAY to trade without charts. DOM is really not very useful trading Crude.

    el surdo
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    and how exactly does this help your profitability?

    I love volatility.
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