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Discussion in 'Trading' started by brook89, Jul 11, 2002.

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    Hello everyone. I have been enjoying this site for a while now.

    A lot of the posters are very knowlegable. I was hoping maybe some of you would take the time to help me with my questions.

    I have been thinking about giving prop. trading a shot. I had a friend who used to work for Andover and wanted to help me to start there so thru them i got my series 7 and 55. He had to give it up because of needs for more income.(he has family and since he was new he wasnt making much). Since i am in similar situation i was hesitant to start.

    However i have this burning desire to give it a shot.I have been trading my own account with ok results and have learned a lot about markets.

    My questions are these.

    Which firms are better to work for?(i live in Jersey with very close proximity to ny and have a contact at worldco)

    where do you guys see this business going ? what are my chances of making a living? any answers or suggestions are appreciated.
  2. The first question you should answer, assuming you are committed mentally and financially to this most difficult of endeavors, is not which firm to trade with (they all can execute and clear pretty well) but you need to find a mentor who can help train you. You are going to need continuous trading advice and moral support. You need a good atmosphere on the trading desk. Support from home is essential./ Good luck!