What to Expect?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by knocks420, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. I've been hittin the net hard sending resumes for a entry-level positions on the street. I've gotten a few responses for assistant/clerk positions, so far on a desk not on an exchange floor. I have a few expectations about the job:

    1) Long hours
    2) Abuse
    3) Educational!
    4) Lots of Non-stimulating work (getting coffee, running errands, data entry, etc.)
    5) Low pay ($30K)
    6) An opportunity to advance**

    None of this really bothers, except perhaps the low pay-although this is not a deal breaker its tough paying for rent, undergrad loans, etc. and only making $30K. A 2nd job is an option.

    I was hoping to get the perspective of someone who's been there and prevailed, what else should I expect? And most importantly, item #6, can I expect to move up and how long would it take?
  2. Hey Sam,
    Just to let you know, I wouldn't worry about long hours or abuse. Chances are, if you came to Chicago, you'd be working from about 8-2 everyday. On top of that, all of the people I've worked with are not only very nice, but willing to help. However, from my experience I would have to agree with you on number 4 and 5. Talk to ya soon.
  3. Anybody know anything about the Credit Risk Management (CRM) division at Goldman? Is it considered 'front', 'middle', or 'back' office type work?? Most important, future advancement potential?!!?

    I may have a lead in this area but little knowledge about its place in the heirarchy.