What to expect from Ninjatrader 7.0 ?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by puretruth, Aug 24, 2009.

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    There look to be a number of new features as shown on that page... however the biggest and most significant improvement seems to be in the area of performance, and hopefully, stability. I'd take NT 6.5 just as it is, if it actually worked properly without lagging in heavy market conditions.
  2. Even lagging quotes when you have only 1 chart running ?
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    One chart is generally fine... but multiple charts with indicators, with multiple days of lookback can be a problem under heavy conditions with Zen-Fire. There are threads on these boards regarding this, you can do a search...
  4. vapor ware

    until its released,

    evidently the delays, which have occurred were substantial and errors caught in their labs instead of in the beta testors grouping

    evidently this was due out 3rd quarter '2008

    so, we're looking at 12months overdue
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    It is very good that they figured out how to handle the data better... they should write in some code to manage the timeouts that IB gives us when we hit their servers for a large download... there is code for doing that on the Openquant forums so I know it's doable... I don't like the way Ninja does DRM, the software has to phone home every time you start it up. That is one more url through the firewall and one more moving part... Multicharts is implementing the same thing, SierraCharts has to have a check in at least once a month.. NeoTicker doesn't do the license server thingy but people say it's a real bad learning curve ... Openquant doesn't do the license check but it is not good for any manual trading at all afaik, the charts just are there to report on autotrading events it seems...

    I guess Ninja has a grid application where you can get alerts.. it should be sufficient for a lot of traders really... and the initial price is very good... free!! I'm somewhat addicted to Ninja and I keep putting off the move to a different trading package...
  6. NT7 Revolutionary? In no means, sorry.


    Lots of nice features they should have put in a long time before.

    If they ever start fixing the bugs they really have it may even be usable for more complex things. I asked for a refund after 2 weeks.

    Now starting writing my own. Will take a couple of months, but keeps me busy during non-active times. Wont be as feature complete, but I only use a subset anyway ;)
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    Nothing for pairs/spreads - it's crazy that they're lacking anything of the sort when they have devoted so much NT7 development time to further working on their charting.
  8. Even crazier ;) No total exchange data input ;) I currently do tests getting complete CME feeds as base data ;) (without bid/ask except the best - too much), then adding level on DOM.