What to do with my money? (serious) - Invest and ???

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  1. Hey Everyone,

    I am hoping some investors/advisors can help me out with something.

    Let's say I make $1000 per day. What should I do with my money? Where to invest, get an advisor, so it my self.

    I want growth. I want to be smart with my money, as $1000 is pretty good ammount, as my monthly expenses are very little. no debt.

    What do you advise? Thank you!
  2. compound the profits.

    pay your self on Fridays and let the rest ride.

    as a person makes more and more money, it is well within reason that he could reapply profits by componding.

    1,000 dollars a day is just a point on a chart along the way.
  3. Saving account.
  4. Can you expand on this?

    Does it matter if I am Inc. because I am.


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    asset allocation + dollar cost averaging.
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    Take responsibility for your wealth. The alternative is to let somebody else take your wealth.
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    Have you ever hear about "saving"?
    If you managed, and it is a big IF to save say a $100,000 in cash , then come back here and ask the same question....but seriously if you get there you probably have found out about some index funds and things like Vanguard...and others...in the meantime I would plug the money into 50/50 vanguard index for stocks and bonds....
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    China, India, Brazil mutual funds or ETF's

    Gold, Silver, Oil, Agriculture to hedge the inevitable inflation.

    I'm in a similar situation and have everything parked in these areas until I learn to trade consistently.

    Don't trust anyone but yourself with your money.

    Best wishes
  9. I mainly mean, while im saving it, like say for a year, or maybe 2 years ill be putting lots into an account monthly, so im just wondering what type of account is the best?
  10. Keep it simple. SPY and reinvest dividends. You can sell covered calls as well if you want to normalize your returns a bit and remove some of the volatility.
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