What to do with an 800 rebate?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by veritas007, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. I have no good ideas. Maybe a blue-ray player.
  2. Word is checks won't be mailed until June:eek:

    Shit, next week isn't soon enough.

    Blu rays should drop by then:D
  3. This is an absolute disgrace. What is this, the USSR?

    Are they going to ration cooking oil, too?

    Welcome to Big Brother 2.0, gentlemen, the kinder, gentler welfare state.

  4. S2007S


    Not everyone gets this rebate you know.

    1/3 of the population.
  5. What the hell is this - The Bush Welfare State??

    Giving money to middle and lower-classes doesn't stimulate the economy at all!

    The wealthier will INVEST it and create jobs.

    The poor just spend it!!

    The Republicans are being hypocrites!!
  6. It's being given to those who absolutely can't afford to spend it.
  7. Combined with my spouse ($1600 per couple), I'll be able to catch-up on my deliquent mortgage!

    Osorico :D
  8. chuckle.

    None of us will get it.

    Unless you had a REALLY bad year last year.
  9. Hmmmm...what will the average person do with that rebate?

    Pay their mortgage?

    Pay down debt?

    Invest for their future?

    No shot.

    New sneakers, new cell phone, maybe some rims for their car.

    Nice "rescue package".
  10. The SS and KGB are offended....
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