What to do with a strategy that makes >100% a month?

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  1. Let's say you automated a hedging method that you forward tested for almost 6 months with returns of >100% a month.
    The problem is it is a Metatrader EA that trades on both indices futures and forex pairs and there are no NFA approved MT4 brokers offering indices and FX that you feel safe depositing > $25K into.

    What would you do?

  2. I would start a thread on ET and mention i have a strategy that makes 100 % a month and try to sell the strategy to those that ask about it
  3. How much would you sell it at? Those who knows programming would probably just want the idea and automate it themselves on Tradestation or IB.
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    I would invest in Cutten's Nigerian 401k lottery special prize draw. 10-1 on odds, 100-1 payout. You simply can't lose! PM me for more info.
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    Pinch yourself - maybe you'll wake up from your dream.
  8. What to do with a strategy that makes 100% a month?
    Bin it.:D
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    ... and why can't you convert it to another platform, like NinjaTrader or Tradestation?
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