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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by spinn, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. spinn


    I have an excellent method that I have been working on for years. I know it works and have seen it hld up in all market conditions. This method is very accurate.

    Here is where I will get flamed on ET. I have not been hugely profitable due to trading with scared money on a small account.

    I know this works and am writing it up to the best of my ability. I think it would help to automate it somewhat but not entirely.

    Sooooooooo my two issues are as follows:

    1. I dont have enough money to properly trade it and will need to work that out somehow. When I say I dont have money......I mean it. I am not looking for a prop shop that will let me give them $10k for more leverage.

    2. I need to find some people to help me automate this. How can I find people to work WITH me on this?

    The thing is....if I had 30 minutes to show this to someone......they would be very excited about its potential.
  2. hustler


    You should read some books on trading psychology, then save money while papertrading and refining your method until you have sufficient capital to trade your method professionally.

    To automate your strategy would be one way to get over your obstacle. However not all strategies are possible to automate. If you wish I can have a look, PM if you want
  3. Lucre


    If you have a "great method" (ie, risk adjusted returns exceed the market's), why haven't/don't you start a hedge fund?

    First, there's sales groups out there that will raise all the money you could ever invest, if you have a track record (even flimsy back-testing results).
    Here's a couple of links from GOOG:
    http://www.silverleafpartners.com/About Us/Marketing Team.php

    If those don't suit your needs, search using key words like: "Hedge Funds" Sales Marketing "Raising Capital" or "Raising Assets", etc.

    Second, don't risk your own capital! There's tens of thousands of qualified investors chomping at the bit to give you their money to invest.
    And, they'll happily agree to give you 3% annually of their assets as a management fee, plus and 20% of all profits.
  4. SteveH


    If it's a great method, then using 1 ES or ER2 e-mini futures contract to trade it and raise the contract level by 1 for every 4K made (or 8K made if you want to be super, super conservative) is NOT going to break your piggy bank. There should be no way for your method to even come close to blowing out your account if your largest drawdown is no worse than 30%.

    Keep the method to yourself. Never share it. It's yours and it's up to you to find the courage and confidence to use it to find your success in the market.

    Another poster gave you excellent advice: if it's that good, then keep saving your money while you paper trade it to build up your experiences with it and possibly find ways to automated during this continued learning process.
  5. stylark3


    PM me. Maybe I can help.
  6. These two statements are not consistent. I'm not flaming you at all, I hope you find success. I'm just pointing this out.