What to do with a gerat method......

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by spinn, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. spinn


    I have an excellent method that I have been working on for years. I know it works and have seen it hld up in all market conditions. This method is very accurate.

    Here is where I will get flamed on ET. I have not been hugely profitable due to trading with scared money on a small account.

    I know this works and am writing it up to the best of my ability. I think it would help to automate it somewhat but not entirely.

    Sooooooooo my two issues are as follows:

    1. I dont have enough money to properly trade it and will need to work that out somehow. When I say I dont have money......I mean it. I am not looking for a prop shop that will let me give the $10k for more leverage.

    2. I need to find some people to help me automate this. How can I find people to work WITH me on this?

    The thing is....if I had 30 minutes to show this to someone......they would be very excited about its potential.
  2. Here's what you do, provide me some proof of concept, then teach me your method. I will test it out with small size to ensure you're not full of crap, then, I will run strategy and determine it's suitability for automation, and if all checks out, then I'll put some capital behind it and grow the account, and share a portion of the profits.

    This is assuming it's not something I already know about, or a method I am not already trading, or doesn't involve excessive risk, or just stupid trading like continuously adding to losers.
  3. empee


    when you say its a great method, what do you mean.

    Lots of winners?

    Low Drawdowns? (is it a system?)

    High Profit Factor


    So what do you mean?
  4. spinn


    When I ran an alert on ensign.....that admittedly had the benefit of hindsight, the win rate was about 95% and made 170 ER2 points per week on average.

    You would think....with the tweaks I have made, that you could get half of that in live trading.

    Mschey I have never seen or heard of anyone using this indicator or the comparison of multiple timeframe analysis.

    I am not saying I have re-invented the wheel....just that nobody seems to be using this the way I am.
  5. I wouldn't know what to do with a "gerat" method. A great method, on the other hand, I would definitely put to use. :D
  6. Highly doubtful. In fact 100% not believable.

  7. spinn,

    I run multiple market/system combinations completely automated without any need for attendance.

    I won't help you with funding issues, but I'd be happy to examine your system to see what execution or automation issues are holding you back.

    If you feel inclined, please PM me.

  8. spinn


    I never said I expected that....just said thats what the results were on one alert.

    These are the results for the last week or so....89% 137 pts on ER2.
  9. I see a couple problems in your back test results:

    1) What is the duration of your testing period? It looks like you are only using 1 or 2 weeks. You need to back-test over months if not years.

    2) Are you using limit or market orders in your testing? Limit orders and the ER2 do not work very well; too many missed trades. Market orders will product slippage. Have you setup the back-test to account for those factors?
  10. Hold on... what exactly do you mean by "admittedly had the benefit of hindsight"? Hindsight and testing are usually not a good mix.
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