What to do with a corrupt trader???

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    Dear traders,

    About 1 month ago I purchased a trading CD at http://www.futurestradingsecrets.com/ to learn daytrading the futures...

    As you can guess, this trading method did not work (like many many others) and spent almost $ 450 for this CD...

    I suppose that I can't recuperate my money anymore, but I would like to have that this guy stops selling CD's.

    Therefore I would like to ask you which agency or organisation can stop such practices? Where can I go with my (internet) complaints to?

    Please help me further....

    Thanks a lot!!!


    PM me for all your questions


    No Way!!! The CD you bought online DIDN'T SHOW YOU HOW TO MAKE MONEY TRADING!!!!!! I can't believe it.
  3. nkhoi


    post your chart with trade signals base on his method here, that way we might find out what went wrong.
  4. qtip


    My brother just forwarded me this link the past weekend. I am glad neither of us purchased it.
  5. Weren't you on here about a month ago asking about that course and even though the opinions were bad, you still bought it?
  6. Bob111


    what make you think that seller is corrupt trader? :D
    are you sure he is trading at all?
  7. pspr


    His track record shows it works this month. Why don't you use his free support and call him and ask why his results are different than yours?
  8. DTK


    You going to complain to Porsche (or for that matter any car company) if you can’t get the acceleration time, top speed, or braking distance that the tests in automotive magazines show?

    (sorry, just being an a$$… but who knows? it may have worked for the seller/ ‘corrupt trader’)
  9. Take a look at this guy's results page. The average profit per trade is $50......on five contracts per trade. He is making less than a tick per trade, and it doesn't mention any deductions for commissions.

    I almost guarantee he doesn't take any slippage into account, which will be significant for most traders who would buy a course like this (subpar brokers and poor trading skills for scalping).

    This guy is a real joke.
    However, as long as he doesn't make any outright fraudulent claims, I don't think he can be touched. He doesn't seem to be making any unreasonable statements on his website, and he could probably justify not using any allowance for slippage/commisions.

    It's kinda like buying speakers from Ebay and being disappointed because they don't sound as good as they looked on the website.
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