What to do when you get bored.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Optionpro007, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. Send an email or post anything that doesn't fit the mind of your liberal/democrats friends and wait.....

    Soon you will have complete Armageddon in your screen. It's fun to watch....:D
  2. Not an original idea. We have many trolls on et that do that.
  3. Rub one out....then rub another one out....check charts.... check logs... then listen for wifey to get home already.
  4. Wait, why aren't you waiting for wifey for round #2?
  5. I am sorry, I should have included very 'righteous' people too.... :D
  6. It is fun to watch.. I used to do that at my B- in law pool parties. Yikers I used to open a cold one walk by anyone of them and say "Bush, Bush, cheney bush cheney bush" under my breath. Everyone would get agitated.

    If that didn't work I usually encouraged one my retarded children to bring up some pro bush stuff and say they learned that in school. This would start fire works. Then, I also encouraged them to throw a ball and aim for their beer or break something. (I'd offer to pay for whatever they broke but not until he popped a few blood vessels.)

    Those were some good times.
  7. She is most likely a fatty of epic proportions.