What to do when you aren't trading

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  1. Yup dats it ....the solution is Saving.
    It can be rough sometimes. I used to think i could simply put a dollar away and that would be

    it. Then i realized that its not so simple. You must find ways to lock down access to your

    cash in a safe but still effective way. I used to trade but it was too tedious and there are

    many alternatives. Normally i wud trade and return maybe 7 or 8 percent, not consistently of

    course, but then somtimes u want a break. babypips and forexlearn are pretty good places to

    learn but amercorp and monthlyreturns aren't bad for when u need to take a break from trading

    and if u want saving advice then savingsforum does a good job of guiding u wen it comes to

    forums. For those of you who are like me and want a pretty good place for buying businesses

    then businessesforsale is ideal and a great way to tie up some cash.Looking for any

    businesses as well so feel free to hit me up.,m/ Hope my 2 cents helped.
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  7. Welcome to Elite Trader, sarahhouse23! Had I noticed your username, I wouldn't have behaved like you were one of the guys. :D
  8. Anyone know ameritrade well enough though?
    having difficulty navigating
  9. NoDoji


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  10. I use Scottrade for their streaming quotes and I also have an account with TD Ameritrade. When I see the price I want at Scottrade's streaming quotes, I just trade normally at TD Ameritrade. I don't use TD Ameritrade's tools.

    There's one tool that TD Ameritrade has - istockmanager (for smartphones). I could never get it to work ...
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