What to do, what will you do, what would you do, if you had FRE in your portfolio

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by toothpick, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. Right now I am holding 660 at $5.09 FRE shares.

    I am on the fench in what to do with my shares on monday.

    the thoughts in my head are that, by the time I will be able to trade (when the market opens, my zecco account does not allow pre-market trading) the price will be <$2.

    If i sell along with everyone else the second the market opens, I will be in part of the massive dip at the start. No doubt this will continue through out the early trading period. However, when shorts cover, will this be the best time to sell instead?

    I understand the idea that I will have near nothing left, however, what is the likely chance of this stock recovering to $5 within a year?
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    1 in 100,000

  3. i totally agree.

    My only other problem is when to sell. Together with everyone at the open. Or, will there be a slightly better conciliation price when shorts cover perhaps in a hr after the open?
  4. thanks for the link but i was hoping for some advice or viewpoints of what you would do in my position. i'm sure many would appricate this as well because many have been playing with fire like me.
  5. the decision is up to you for all i know the stock could open under a dollar...

    on a side note maybe your account does not let you do premarket but maybe you can call your brokers trading desk at 8am or 7:59am and have them sell the shares for you in premarket.
  6. i have a zecco account that does not allow me to pretrade unfortunately.

    there is no way this will move up during the day imo.

    are there any events which could possibily drive the price slight in the $2-3 range?
  7. Toothpick;

    If the reasons you went long remain in tact, than you should act accordingly. If you have a stop in place then you have a well thought out trade. If you would put on the same position *right now* then have no fear, if not, then you have admitted you are wrong and you are asking the question only in "hope" of saving face, with yourself.

    There is an old adage... when in doubt get out.

    Only YOU can prevent a blowup.
  8. Better figure that both FRE and FNM will have a delayed open due to a slight order imbalance.
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