What to do w/ conflicting 1m,3m,5m signals.

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  1. Any thoughts on what you do in your trading, if you use 1m, 3m, 5m timeframes, when you have , for one example, a strong 1m long signal, the 3m is neutral and the 5m is weak ?

    Is waiting for all three timeframes to line up ridiculous ?

    How about two out of three ?

    Which two ?

  2. I try to trade when all 3 are giving the same signal. The 5 and 10 min. are usually in the same direction. The 1 min. cycles up and down making higher highs and higher lows when the 5 and 10 are giving you a Long signal. Just get in on the bottom of the 1` cycle and ride the longer time frames.

    What, exactly, do you trade? Stocks, futures?

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    Trends are formed on the higher time frame so you might want to trade only in the direction of the higher time frame.

    Or vary positionsize depending on the convergence / divergence of trends....

  4. I trade futures.
  5. In that case, I would certainly try to keep the trades in the same direction as the 5 & 10 min., but you can also play the pullbacks on the 1 min. S/R You'll just have to be very FAST!

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  6. I personally trade the 5/15/60 combination. I suggest letting all 3 line up and trade in that direction.

    the congestion we have seen in the market lately has made it difficult though recently to get a clean trend to ride. Patience waiting for it to line up recently has been my problem.

    You might want to expand a little, I don't see much difference between the 3 and 5 minute.
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  8. Do not trade against the 5M chart. Trade the 1M with the 5M.
  9. I have a pretty decent amount of experience trading systems. I have noticed a lot of the strongest moves come in the opposite direction of agreeing signals. That won't neccessarily be true for your systems, but may be worth looking in to.

  10. Problem is you can't plan for that, unless you use my contrarian system which is very simple.

    Once I figure out what to do, I just do totally opposite whatever it was I figured I'd do.:D
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