WHAT TO DO PRE_Market..Friday

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Gold_Ric, Oct 4, 2002.

  1. Gold_Ric


    Watch 8:30 Am #'s. We go below, We tank today.

    #'s come in as average or above BUY BUY BUY Super Squeeze we will have.
  2. GR....
    just to clarify......If the BLS reports nonfarm payrolls drop lower than a FLAT estimate concensus....then you see significant downside today. Or a squeeze if it rolls out positive?
    either way, you see a major move coming today?
    thanks... OTL
  3. Gold_Ric


    Unless we have flat #'s .
    Other than that the pre-m session will be dead until those #;s ,

    Other than that , yes we should move hard

    Just veer from Drug makers long.

    Watch the Pharm players, genomes, bios on SGP faulted earnings outlook.
  4. MVP


    non- farm payrolls(@6000) or

    consensus numbers in ()

    if its close and negative will there be a chance of further downside?
  5. xtrader


  6. Gold Ric
    Well I bought all kinds of stuff when we got good numbers but Im starting to think somethings not right. Are you sure about this?:)
  7. covered the last of my shares around 2:00 - i'm gonna put some back on before the close and hold them short this weekend
  8. Shorted instead... ;-)

    If you did go long, I hope you used stops...