what to do on WM

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  1. Just realized that as well. Picked up a few Oct. calls.
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  2. Not much at the moment.

    The best thing to go off of TO MAKE IT SIMPLE is the BAC/MER premium IMO. Worth the risk. They're not exactly in the same category but close enough.
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  3. its worth taking the risk and holding over the weekend?

    i bought a buttload at $2.00 and am considering to add more because i'm convinced it will rise throughout next week. but the fact that the past few weekends have had drastic events keep me from pulling the trigger.
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  4. brown


    You would have to be crazy to buy more at $3.80. You do realize Wednesday it was trading at $2.00. There is news flying out of every corner these days and these past two days were a result of fear both on govt and our side. I do think they might rise as well, but not without falling back down a bit.
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  5. I agree.

    At $2 I'd be more apt to let 50% of my position go at around $4 and get flat. If something happens to the upside, then start buying back in and you still have 50% in your pocket. If it goes the other way, you can get out with money in your pocket.

    I did that with SIRI years ago. Sure wish I'd a dumped that free position a long, long time ago. :D

    Watch C. They're still trading strong. Dump some of the crap off on us (the taxpayers) and WAMU looks pretty good for Citi. Then again, with all that's happening, they may wait until mid-next week to see what's going to happen and who knows, they all may be able to go it on their own. ??????
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  6. Again you don't have a plan
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  7. maybe you would care to elaborate instead of just saying i dont have a plan and leaving at that.

    im a pretty humble guy and would be all ears if you decided to enlighten me.

    until then, you are probably better off not writing anything at all than simply writing "you dont have a plan"
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  8. lol

    I think though that he will still write that you don't have a plan. After all, his name is "compulsive" :)
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  9. Agree. RE: the chart it's a dog. Liquidity could wash up quick at a bank.

    With that said, I do find this as a play. If I'm wrong I'm wrong....I'll move onto the next as usual.
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  10. spiked from 3.75 to 4.25 at the close. im hoping theres a reason people decided to buy in right before the weekend.

    im feeling optimistic about my decision to hold. but we will see what the weekend will bring
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