What to do in Two o o Two

Discussion in 'Trading' started by keybob, Jan 4, 2002.

  1. keybob


    How do you grab this 2002 trading market by the tail ??
    Everything is News driven, based on Analysts hunches,
    Killed by rumor or downgrade, an uptrend lasts only 1 to
    3 days, and all Garazellis and Rukisers are looking for
    jobs. Thanks to long range planning, I am heavy in dividend
    Stocks and 7 % Bonds. How boreing, but paying.

    Does anyone out there use Clear Station ?? Was very good
    in listing the swingers in the Penny Stock OTCOB or whatever.
    If you get in at the gap open, you might make a buck. But all
    prices are 20 minites behind. Anyone out there using Trade
    Station Charting. Give this ole F*** a yell.

    Sunny Florida was 32 degrees this AM