What to do if there is a deep recession?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by ron2368, Nov 14, 2007.

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    Or whatever you want to call it? There are loads of USD out there but will it continue to become more worthless? maybe not to those in the US. If there is either prolonged liquidation of stocks or bonds , rising rates, where is the best place for my money? Will the fed ever let rates rise?

    Just curious. I was watching a show last night where they predicted very bad things, like a depression, but offered no advice on what one could do for protection. Other than gold buried in the yard, I need a plan.
  2. By the time there is a deep recession everything will already be calibrated so there will be no good opportunities to make money. You have to think ahead of the curve and not wait for the next recession, but act now if you think that will happen.
  3. there has been alot of wealth and spending cash disappearing with the loss of the value of realestate .The only way for there not to be a big recession is to have another industry creating wealth so there will be extra income to spend . In the 1990 + was the internet , 1998+ was the stock market ,2004 + realestate.
    What industry could be next big thing to create new wealth? Maybe healthcare with the baby boomers?