What to buy now

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Wilt, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. Wilt


    FSLR-$140 or less

    We will see a quick 20% from these levels. We are closer to a bottom than a top. They are likely to prove long term bottoms, should earnings not be awful. :cool:
  2. Digs


    Gold stocks you fool !
  3. i think Boeing and Nokia are also good buys at these levels.

    speaking of FSLR it can literally go from 150 to 200 in a day that stock is pure craziness.

    also united states steel X and Arcelor Mittal MT have been beat to death and they make solid profits so i see no reason why they have been beat to death so much
  4. kxvid


    Get something with a dividend. Dividends are really high right now if you haven't noticed. BP has a nice dividend, so does TNH. FRO has the nicest dividend of them all. BP obviously has the safest dividend, and I think its a great buy.
  5. 2ez


    add RIMM
  6. The trend is your friend remember? This thread should be what to SELL now not buy now!
  7. ElCubano


    start buying Trucks....the have bottomed for sure
  8. I have big position in AAPL. I bought it at $156 just a month ago. It was in Merrill Lynch's top pick llist. I didn't sell it when it broke 200 day line. Now it is too late to sell. I couldn't bear more loss.....Are you sure $90 is bottom?
  9. what ever happened to the GOOG $750 / AAPL $300 crowd?

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