What timeframes for daytrading are you mostly using?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ZooVan, Apr 10, 2004.

  1. ZooVan


    Take your pick please.
  2. wouldn't it be better if you had "combination of above"
    instead of "all of above"?

    what's does "none of above" means? Daily or may be
    "No trading"?:D
  3. Uni


    I'm sorry, I don't intend any ill will but, what is the point of this thread? It's like asking people what brand and style of underwear they use. I guess what I'm trying to say is the timeframe one uses is completely dependent on the trading vehicle and strategy that one employs. Finding out how many people use a particular timeframe is completely useless unless you intend to duplicate their system. If you find this info useful, please let us know why.

    Again, I don't want to put you down. I just think your time would be better spent developing a system that uses a timeframe that works for you and you only.

    Good luck.

  4. ZooVan


    Yes, it will be much better! But I can't edit it anymore. :(
    It means someone may use a timeframe not list here, such as 2 min, since the poll limited to 10 options, I can't list more.
  5. H2O


    Always look at multiple time frames.

    Personally the smallest time frame I look at (and also my trading time frame) is 1 minute. For confirmation I look at the higher time frames (5,10,60,D)
  6. Hourly, Daily for analysis, weekly for market context, sometimes monthly, (very rarely yearly)
    and 1 Min scale for monitoring.

  7. bobcathy1

    bobcathy1 Guest

    250 and 150 tick depending on market speed. Slower days get slower ticks. We have a lot of those lately.

    I also look at a 15 minute and daily to get a grip on the general market sentiment. I trade futures only.

    A lot of people like 233 tick. Something to do with fibonacci.:)
  8. Time frames are part of learning to gather data.

    The poll may be typical of some sort of thinking; I don't know what kind.

    To make money a person needs to have the answers to a bunch of questions. I coded the Q's elsewhere. This poll relates to: I-2, II-1 a., II-1, III-4, and IV-2.

    So to begin with, there is a conceptual matter to deal with. a person has to get to the place where they realize that the nature of money making data is such that over the entire range of data consideration, there are consistent phenomena that exist on many periodicities. Therefore, signals from market variables, indicators and their signals, perform consistently on all periodicities, if and only if, they are calibrated properly to market change. Market change is where money is made.

    Long ago I backed into how to arrange the periodicities to make them speced in such a way that the same set of monitoring tools work in the same ways on each of the separate periodicities.

    For this thread, this post is OT. But on the otherhand until anyone who is getting to making money understands this, he is going to have a collection of unrelated things that he monitors. This is a very complex situation for those people. It borders on being unworkable with regard to making timely decisions and, secondly, being able to grow and improve.

    This is not a case of "my way or the highway". I am speaking of basic reasoning to be able to be effective. This thread sounds like someone is "seeking" info on what to monitor. The reason for this may be to learn to make money.

    When you follow many posters in ET, you get to see that a lot of them took a long time to become profitable. a major reason for this slow arduaous process unfolding as it does for them is that they use periodicities that are not the best and they do not see that several are involved, in fact.

    This thread addresses 5 of the basic 28 questions that I believe allows a person to, individually "shake the tree".
    Divide the potential spectrum into focal points. space the focal points in a manner that makes each of them similar in that a monitoring template fits equally conveniently over each of these fical points in the spectrum. You will find that any alternative to this will slow down your progress in becoming efficient.

    Make a list of posters in this thread as it develops and the fractals that they use. At the very right rank them as to their efficiency of making money. Search ET and add to the listings. If you get a 100 or so you will find two common aspects, one is pointed out already. The other deals with the proper spacing requirement addressed above.