What time series visualization software do you guys use?

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by mizhael, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. I don't have those trading software such as TradeStation at this moment.

    But I have Matlab and Bloomberg.

    I would like to find a way that I can easily visualize a bunch of time series curves and cross-compare them. For example, the price curve vs. trading signal curve. vs. SP500, etc.

    The curve data are currently in Matlab, which can be the simplest column data.

    But what's the best/convenient/effective way to rapidly visualize and manipulate these time series data?
  2. It will be great if the tool can label the price curve or other curves based on the buy-sell signal, so that it becomes easy to explore trade ideas...

    Thank you!
  3. I want to create these type of plots, overlayed with my own buy/sell signals.


    And the plot needs to be interactive, ie. you can drag, zoom, explore, etc.

    I guess I am looking for more of a back-test platform...
  4. then go get a book on python - matlibplot.

    Good luck