what time frame doyou day trade?

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  1. I tried scalping off 1 minute charts and it was just darned fast for me. It sounds great, make a few consistent $200 profit trades but I couldn't do it.

    Anyone trade longer term trends? 3,5+ minute charts? Doing ok? Can you make money longer term day trend trading?

    Please, if you have nothing constructive to add by pass this topic.

    Thank you
  2. A scalper is gonna tell you that that's all he does and it's the easiest (and only) way to make money.

    Non-scalpers will tell you to try and follow intraday trends and that scalping is "nuts" and "impossible"

    The fact is that intraday trend following and scalping can both be profitable; you just have to find what fits your personality.
  3. ok but I keep an open mind. I know traders make money on all time frmes, different ways. I am not here , like many, to flame and shout at other traders.

    but it wold be nice to hear what time frames people have success with.

    Thank you
  4. Im not a scalper by the true define of the term, I am a short-term intraday trader. I trade futures only.

    2m chart is my primary entry/exit, however 15m is used to determine or confirm the big picture of any given trade. A daily is "glanced" at the beginning of the day for perception of the overall dominant direction.

    During choppy periods, I will use a 10-second chart as primary, with 2m as the big trade picture.

    I use no indicators or MAs.

    If you have a more specific question other than what time frames are used, feel free to ask.

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    I use a 3-min chart for entries and exits, and a 5- or 15-min chart for trend confirmation depending on the holding time frame. I also keep a daily 30-day visible for determining stronger S/R levels so I know how far people are willing to "reach" or "bail" before a reversal is likely to occur.

    If I'm looking to take profits on an overnight hold first thing in the morning, I use a 1-min chart, because an opening trend can break down VERY quickly.

  6. ALoha mate, it mainly does depend on what you trade tbh, and what size spread you have.

    For instance i trade crude oil futures, so have a 12tick, but ALOT of movement in 3-20ticks per each movement.

    So i don't 'scalp' as such, but don't really do swing trades as i like to lock in my money.. lol

    I basically only trade in 1direction at mo (sell) since tahts the markets short/midterm trend, and and because i trade just using S&R levels i think the 10-15mins charts are by far the best, even if you only hold your trades for a few mins to an hour/few hours like i do.
    But i also just switch in and out of the different time frames to get views form each angle as to where the S&R levels are.

    Lots of my quick smaller scalps that i just get in and out within a minute even are off the 10/15min chart as indicators on where to enter and exit. :)

  7. Thanks ^^

    I am going to trade the 5 min charts for a couple of weeks and see how it goes....

  8. What you trade then mate??

    And how long your been traidng for?? :)
  9. individual volatile stocks.

    Former swing trader going dy traidng until the markets improve.

    Looking to hold trades 1-3 hours on average.I am not set up to scalp....nor do I want to. 1 or 2 trades a day will be suffice.

    I have $80,000 and need to make at least $3,000 per month...

    I am quite well genned up on trading methods, money managmeent and what can and cannot be achived. i.e no buying systems that promise an easy $1,500+ per day..LOL I wish.

  10. LOL

    I have £3,000, and need to earn MINIMUM £1,000 per month!! :D :p
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