What Time Frame Do You Use For Day Trading

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What Time Frame Do You Use For Day Trading

  1. 1 minutes chart

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  2. 2 minutes chart

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  3. 3 minutes chart

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  4. 5 minutes chart

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  5. 10 minutes chart

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  1. sahheng

    sahheng Guest

    what times frame (minutes) charts do you consider is good for day trading in Futures or Stocks ? Sometimes we get 1 minute chart Long signal but in 3 minutes chart still in short position. Different minutes chart will give the different signal, which time frame do you consider best for DAY TRADING ??:confused:
  2. debud


    I use 3 charts, a 15,5 and 1 min. When the trend is up on the 5 and 15, and get a buy signal on the 1 min. chart, odds are in my favor for a profitable trade. I would never take a long trade if the time frame above the one you take your signals from wasn't trending up. Just the opposite for a short. Trade with the overall trend. :)
  3. wow I am surprised that anyone chose the 2 minute time frame as i have been finding this a promising time frame recently. I didn't think anyone esle was looking over my shoulder:D
  4. H2O


    H2O Trade Rule nr. 1

    - Always trade in the direction of the higher time frame.

    The higher time frame rules. It gives you major support & resistance. The tradable time frame only gives you entry and exit signals but I only take trades that are confirmed by the higher time frame.


  5. LOL, no I don't think so:D
  6. H2O


    Longshot, please explain ??
  7. Ken_DTU


    it's helpful to use both 1- and 2-minute candlestick charts together. experimenting w/other timeframes is also useful, eg 1/2/5/15s for confirmations.

    another tip: I like using a 2-day 2-min chart, along with a 1/2 day 1-min chart for a closeup look. I set 1/2 day 1-min chart track time from premkt, eg starting 8am or so, going til around 11:30am.

    I set the 2-day 2-min chart to also start premkt, going til end of market day each day. this helps you see the prev day OHLC (open/high/low/close) as well as intraday support/resistance and fibonacci levels, to help w/entry triggers for open range breakouts and breakdowns.

    my .02

  8. I can tell you are wise man. You ask, not attack. Kudos to you:D
  9. I trade a fractal that represents the market pace. I also watch the next fastest fractal for anticipation.

    I wouldn't recommend that everyone trade all paces.

    To move to slower paces takes more skills than fast pace.

    My three breakpoints for knowing what is what are:

    Beginner only trade fast paces untuil your ROI is 90K per year and/or you have tripled your inital capital. Use one contract only for futures indexes only.

    Intermediates can trade slower paces but not do any reversals at all and only trade up to five contracts. the roi shuold be at least 150k per year.

    advanced is where a person can begin to do reversals et al. and still not trade more contracts than just beginning to break into partial fills.
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