What time frame do the pro's use to trade the emini's?

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  1. 5 min charts?
    15 min charts?
    60 min charts?
  2. all of the above, and 1 min, tic, etc. All depends on the time frame of the "pro".

    Some of em use nothing but a tic chart with DOM, and T&S. I find DOM on ES a mystery however as bids/offers disappear and reappear so frequently its a crapshoot. That's just me though.
  3. I hear of 60 min quite a bit, just wondered if that was the pro's time frame de jour
  4. sharp10


    I hear the pros trade off support and res, specifically looking closely at SP cash.
    Not looking at chart that much.
  5. The three institutional firms I've visited (close friends are employess - traders)...

    They are using anywhere between 2min to weekly charts depending upon what they are designated trade and other variables along with the fact they are viewing different intervals and not fixated on one particular interval.

    I haven't notice nor heard of any of them using tick charts.

  6. many true scalpers use tic charts. Guys doing 50+ trades per day.

    personally, i don't. I couldn't scalp my way out of a wet paper bag.
  7. The pro that taught me used 6 sec. charts for the ES.
  8. sounds like what I do:D
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    no longer then 5 sec
  10. Reviewing cash is a more stable outlook than just futures. The 15 minute is great to show the swing...trying using macd. trade within a larger timeframe helps too.
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