What time does the EU summit announce the Plan??

Discussion in 'Trading' started by spanish89, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. Does anyone know what time today the EU summit are announcing this magic plan at??

    As its currently 7:15pm here in UK, so is already about 8:30pm over in Brussels...
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    Complete 3 Page Euro Summit Statement


    "Fresh from the presses comes the complete 3 whopping page statement to bailout the Eurozone. There is nothing at all here, but for those who need a paperweight, feel free to print 200 copies and staple them together or something."
  5. Its now 9:45pm, so 45mins after the time they were due to make the announcement,
    and yet we have nothing......

    WHy on earth isnt the market starting to panic though??! :confused:
  6. traders are too exhausted from panicking for the last few months, they are all panicked out. The only thng that can make anybody panic now is good news.
  7. Ok its now Thursday....

    So let alone giving a crappy plan the EU summit just ''didnt give any plan at all'' on Wedneday like they had promised they would!! :confused: :eek:

    The 20% rally over the last 2weeks was ONLY because they said they would announce this magic plan on Wednesday,
    but so how on earth can they now just ''not do that'', but hope the market fails to notice that they didnt actually announce any plan?? :confused:
  8. you are assuming the market beleives what they say. there never will be a magic plan and I doubt the few people who beleive there will can move the market 20%, unless it's so thin they are the only ones left
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