What this is really all about

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  1. They pretend it's about the shooting in Fla where a black kid was killed. Jesse Jackson says blacks are under attack. Curtis Faith has blogged a missive about how a march to Sanford, then a march to Ebenezer church in Atlanta, then a march on Wash DC is planned.

    If they cared about killings, they'd have been in Chicago a long time ago. Kids get killed every day. So they tell you it's about the racial injustice of it all. If they really cared about that, they would have said so when gangs of blacks were pulling "whitey" out of cars and off of bikes and beating the sht out of them in Chicago last summer.

    We all know this isn't about anything they say it's about.
    What it is about is simple. They need to stir up the black vote for november and at the same time attempt to cow the weak willed, weak kneed legislators on the right to cave to their every demand.
    And when all the left does is tune out everything but the sound of their own voices and their sycophantic supporters in the media, they think they've succeeded.

    The whole thing is also a subtle little message to those same week will, easily cowed legislators and judges and anyone else, that YOU'D BETTER STOP THE INVESTIGATIONS INTO THE MASSIVE FRAUD THAT HAS BEEN PERPETRATED ON THE COUNTRY BY OBAMA AND THE DNC. Obama is a fraud, virtually everything about his life story is either a lie or forged, but, YOU'D BETTER SHUT UP ABOUT IT. OR ELSE!

    But, something else is going on under the surface. Just as price many times preceeds news in the market, there are things going on that haven't hit the news cycle yet.
    For instance, this news release from a big gun manufacturer that came out this week:

    "Shares of Sturm, Ruger & Co. jumped about 10% early Thursday, the morning after the firearms manufacturer stopped taking new orders due to overwhelming demand. In the first quarter of 2012, Ruger said that it has gotten orders for more than one million units. And despite "efforts to increase production rates, the incoming order rate exceeds our capacity to rapidly fulfill these orders." The company said that it expects to "resume the normal acceptance of orders by the end of May."

    My guess is that these aren't guns headed to the hood, these are guns that are being purchased by surburban folk that are fed up with threats of violence from the race pimps and being railroaded into left's causes via those threats.

    It seems obvious to me. The left wants their marxist agenda to be accomplished and they'll stir up a race war, if they have to, to get it.
    The market (those being railroaded) can see it and are taking action to respond in kind.

    The odds of a civil war are going up.
  2. The only projects "shovel ready" in this country are perceived society ills.
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    They already have the black vote. If they're not careful they are going to lose the hispanic vote.

    Sharpton, Jackson and Farrikan are just there because that's what they do. Insite riots.

    Glenn Beck thinks it will be a riotous summer in the U.S. With all the stupid blacks on welfare willing to follow those three above like sheep and the OWS crowd now fighting for attention, we'll probably see Beck's prediction come true.

    I expect this will ensure Obama will sink out of sight.
  5. So what happened to the riotous summer ?Seems this turned out like your SC will overturn Obamacare prediction ,Obama wont be on the Georgia ballot birther nonsense prediction,Fast and ferious will be Obamas Watergate prediction etc
  6. Why are the legislators on the right weak willed , and weak kneed ?