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Discussion in 'Forex' started by PipBull, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. PipBull


    Okay, it's only been my second week trading Forex, and boy was I wrong on this bet...But... Take a look at this please? Look especially at the last chart (the 1 minute chart). Look at the exit price! Red circle points to the entry (short) and white points to the exit. According to the chart, I exited at a price that hasn't been reached yet! (The white circle points at my exit point, which is ABOVE the LONG green bar, not the short green bar right below it. Either way, the exit price was NOT hit! What's up with that?

    Stop loss was at 1.42506. Actual exit at 1.42528. However, according to the info window, the highest price at that bar was 1.42513!

    Is there something I haven't learned yet here, or was I ousted on a non-existent price?

    Maybe this question should be asked on a different thread, but, since this happened more than once, can anyone here vouch for Tradestation as a good Forex broker??

  2. sim03


    I don't use TS, but if they are typical, both the candles and the info window show the average of bid and ask. Therefore, "high" and "low" values on the charts don't reflect the true executable high (ask) and low (bid) prices - there is a discrepancy equal to half the spread.

    If so, no foul play.

    Is TS spread on EUR/USD 3, like in the bad ol' days? Wow.
  3. PipBull


    Thanks! Boy! One more thing to add to my "learned" list.

    And yes! I meant to post this too, but was too confused about the orginal issue to remember: TradeStation advertises 1 pip spreads for the Eurusd, however, it seems that lately, I've been slipped out on 3 pips, a lot!

    So far, not happy with Tradestation on many fronts (customer service, account services, knowledge of tech people, etc...) Checking IB...
  4. Its shocking how you had not figured out that Interactive Brokers is the best broker for currency trading before you open an account with TS.
  5. PipBull


    Here's the Time & Sales... Still no where near the price I was booted out at.

    As far as not having figured out who's the best broker... I'm sure that's not the only thing I've yet to learn.
  6. sim03


    Your stop loss was filled @1.42528 at 9:03:46 pm on 10/24/07.

    Your T&S screen shot doesn't cover that time.
  7. PipBull


    9:03:46 was when I entered the order.
    9:09:48 was when the order was filled.

    The TS shows the time period between 9:09:02 and 9:11:06. This time period covers the time that the order was filled.
  8. sim03


    OK, I see it now. My mistake, somehow missed that 2nd "filled" column.

    I'd find out from Tradestation exactly what is and is not included in their forex T&S, as it obviously has large gaps over a minute, even within your small window. Don't they still outsource all forex trades to Gain?

    Also, this doesn't necessarily nullify the original hypothesis yet, regarding the charts probably showing the average of bid and ask.