What the US Government should do next:

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  1. This thread is intended to share your ideas on what the US Government should do next.
  2. I heard people say that they should nationalize WMT. I support this idea because there are many who could not survive without Wal Mart and they seem to do a good job. Wal Mart is paramount to our national security.

    I also heard the idea to ban passing in the NFL. I support this because it is too risky for the quarterback as he might get sacked on a play.

    Let's start by banning short selling on any stock declining by more than 10% in the last year.
  3. Wipe clean ALL CREDIT CARD debt of all Americans. I think that would ONLY BE FAIR.

    Either that, or pass universal health care. There can be no more opposition to universal health care after the garbage that happened this week.
  4. Just have the "New RTC" buy-up all of the delinquent credit card accounts... and start a fresh wave of "borrow and spend with no intention of ever paying"... would be a real BOOST for the economy.
  5. NO! NO! NO! This would not be fair. I have ZERO credit card debt. I bought a very modest home 3 years ago with a 20 year mortgage and 30% down. Damn me for be fiscally responsible. It's just not the American way any longer. :( :mad: :confused:
  6. Change the flag's stars and stripes to a hammer and sickle.
  7. The Gummint LOVES you... financially responsible, having assets.... the Gummint intends to BLEED YOU DRY for their own needs and whims.

    Now... if we could get 100 Million people like you to become OUTRAGED and storm Washington, we might be able to change things. Otherwise, stock up on the Vaseline...
  8. give every male free pussy
  9. The gov't banned short selling. What they need to do next is ban all selling. You buy a stock and hold it.
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