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    The US elections are coming soon. There is plenty of talk within America about the pluses and minuses of the 2 candidates - rightly so.

    But not many inside the US system consider or care what the rest of the world thinks. The US has a huge effect on the rest of the world so it is not unreasonable for non US people to have an opinion.

    Which candidate will do what, as regards the Middle East problems for instance. Romney has already publicly given the nod to an Israeli air strike on Iran's nuclear plants. Does the US have to have so many military bases around the world that it can't afford ? etc. etc.

    Maybe there should be a class B vote, totally by foreigners as to who should be President and with what policies.

    If there are any non US citizens reading this far - let's hear your views
  2. 1) Nor should we care one bit.

    2) Get over it.
    3)Not in your wildest wet dream, you folks have fvcked up your own countries and you greedily set your eyes on ours.

    4) Let's don't, we already get enough of that crap already
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    They're certainly entitled to their opinion. I don't necessarily care to hear it though.

    Uh...NO! We have too many people in the country voting that shouldn't be. Why the fuck would we want to allow foreigners to vote? That's just stupid.
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    No country is an isolated island and trade makes us all better off financially.

    Not many Americans are more than 3 generations old, so lets not have any of that " fortress America - pull up the drawbridge " sort of shallow thinking.
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    aaaaaaaaaah don't be like that. Can't pretend we don't exist, can you ?

    You seem to be wishing to return to the 1930s doctrine of isolationism - but that didn't work.
  6. I thought we were talking about VOTING, numbnuts.

    What's with the "bait n switch" tactic?
  7. I'm pretty sure my ancestors killed off yours with aplomb , so piss off (if you think you have a right to vote here). :)
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    Hopefully there is more to life and our existence on this polluted planet than just voting - bird brain.
  9. Tell you what I'll sing "kumbaya" while you change the subject , AGAIN.

    That make you happy?
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    One ancestor was a General in the Civil War and another at The Little Big Horn so they probably did a bit too.

    I was really hoping a foreigner or two would give an opinion - not the local sh*t kicker ( no offence meant, of course )

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