what the hell moved the markets at midnight?

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  1. cannot find shit yet?
  2. Putin Ends Military Exercises in Western Russia Says Interfax; Micex Jumps

  3. The unscheduled event occurred while the market was closed over the weekend. This is just the mop up.

    The indices were in a lateral all freakin' day and set up for a BO of the FTP after hours. Sometimes the sitting and waiting is the hardest part.
  4. the markets were so dead prior, news was way too slow bloomberg first call live, had no clue............nice profit, but wanted to know if i should open up additional size.....markets 30 minutes this time of night before any headline..........oil which i was short, and gold, equities all told the story, just wanted confirmation what the damn story was......still seems inconclusive events.....going to bed probably:)
  5. Suboptimal market conditions are what we have to deal with for now. I don't like extending the trading session beyond RTH and if it wasn't the beginning of the week, I probably would not. What I do tonight cuts into what I can do tomorrow morning. But I don't control the timing of things. I got the anticipated BO that was setting up so I'll cut out soon as well.

    Have a good night.
  6. Yeah , this is one of the most hilarious thing

    1- Putin attacks Ukraine => ES gaps down 20 point and stops there

    2- second day Putin changes his mind => ES gaps up 22 point and
    moves higher

    So what's the logical conclusion => invading Ukraine helped market makes a new high .... ha ha ha ha

    ( based on ES at 10 am )
  7. Russian and Ukraine conflict
  8. NoDoji


    In a well-defined trend, expect continuation.
  9. Sorry about that!

    I had my broker's cover my short positions......
  10. Profound. Could it really be that simple? :eek:
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