What the hell just happened to the Aussie?

Discussion in 'Forex Trading' started by Ivanovich, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. All Aussie pairs just dropped through the basement.

    AUD/USD 200 pips down, AUD/JPY hammered, and forget about EUR/AUD! Through 2.10!!
  2. Just walked in the house, holy crap!
    Where's my reversal?LOL:confused:
    Grabbed 23
  3. 2.1015 was approx daily resistance. It may be ready for another run up?
  4. cstfx


    The GE news caused this?
  5. Why would the GE news affect the Aussie?
  6. taodr


    Quantas deal off !
  7. Daal


    risk aversion
  8. cstfx


    I am just thinking of the timing of the dive. The Quantas news was already a few hours old before this swoon.

    GE down, pushing market down, crude down, Aussie up 400 pts since Tues, just could have been an excuse for a little profit taking.
  9. ssbc19


    That was crazy. I had a small short, left the computer, came back and had 200 pips.
  10. ssbc19


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