What the hell is WTS doing

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by MoneyMatthew, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. I can't even pull up a quote right now. These mofos go changing the entitlements around right at the open when I'm trying to trade. Send me an email or something to give me a heads up...

    These guys go changing the deal on all of us for data fees right at the open...my keyboard is clear for take off because I'm about to throw it through the freakin window...
  2. I got an email last week, I got an email 2 days ago reminding me, and Fusion had six, LITERALLY 6, messages throughout the day yesterday telling people to update their entitlements for the change today.

    You sound like that kid in the back of the class that sits there with his headphones on, then gets upset that he didnt hear about today's quiz.
  3. sorry, what does "entitlement" mean?
  4. Entitlement means earlybirdstango is entitled to continue to act like an @$$hole..

    I did not get any of those emails buddy...
  5. must be my fault.... im sorry?
  6. I take back what I said. You are not an @$$hole. I just did not get the same warnings you got.
  7. call fusion tech, they will help you. 212-531-8543