what the hell is wrong with the QID & QLD today?

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  1. I never seen this before, the nasdaq is up 8 points and the QID is down more than 2 % and the QLD is down more than 4%.
  2. they play off of the Nasdaq 100 (NDX) and not the NASDAQ composite...
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    Same thing is happening on DXD and DDM which track the DOW.
    The Net Asset Value for DDM was 88.23 as of yesterday close and it is down over $4.00 on a 30 point DOW move?

    DXD is also down with the DOW down and it should be going up.

    Is somebody playing games or are Proshares in trouble?
  4. DIVIDENDS...... today is th Ex-Dividend date for proshare's ETFS.
  5. How much are the dividends? The nasdaq would have to be down at least 50 points for the QLD to drop 4%.
  6. I don't have time to go hunt down the exact amounts... but from looking at todays price vrs yesterday closing the dividiend for QLD appears to be around $5, and around $3.50 or so for DDM....
  7. I cannot believe people trade stocks without knowing that they pay dividend and when that date is. You have got to stop being lazy and approach this like a business. This is your money at risk, it's not a game. I know QID, etc are used as a proxy for the index futures, but you've got to know what you're trading.
  8. Yeah, I was confused too. The last dividend on these ETF's didn't have this discrepency in price though. Little strange...
  9. Take a look at december 20th 2006... You will notice the same exact movement in these ETFS. In fact if you search hard enough you can find several posts about people panicking just like this year ;)
  10. Thanks,
    I am new to these ETFs and I knew about the dividends but I though they were about .75 a share
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