What the hell is wrong with the French?

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    I am absolutely amazed by this. Over 10,000 French people have died during this latest heatwave that has swept through Europe. That's 10,000! That's more people that died in the Iraq war many times over. What is going on here. I understand it's hot. But this is unreal. For all the bragging they do about their so called great healthcare system over there this is really embarrassing. Plus I like how everyone in this country blames Bush for the economy. France and Germany have twice the unemployment we have and GDP growth is now been negative two quarters in a row compared to plus 2.4% for us. Also the funny thing about France is they are suppose to be one of the most environmentally friendly countries in the world and yet they have one of the worst pollutions problems in the world. It's so bad that the speed limit in Paris has been reduced to 15 mph. That's 15 mph! Somehow this must all be Bush's fault. Either that or maybe things aren't as bad around here as liberals say they are.
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    "European cities are virtually devoid of air conditioning in large part because the energy to run them is so expensive. And why is that? Pressured by vocal environmentalists, European governments have levied energy tax after energy tax, with the latest excuse being global warming"

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  4. This is unheard of...
  5. No, not unheard of. Even here is Bush's paradise.

    Many hundreds died a few years ago in Chicago during a heat wave. That rate over a country the size of France would be similar.
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    Wait a minute how is a few hundred in a country with 300 million people the same ratio as 10k in a country with about 15 million people. What am I missing here?
  7. I believe France has at least 50 mln citizens or close to that. Of course, that is still a very high ratio compared to the hundreds that died in Chicago.
  8. "idiot" doesn't begin to describe you...

    i'm getting sick and tired of "liberal" becoming a dirty word.

    FYI, moron, the commodity price of gas at the pump roughly doubles every time a BUSH is in office. i recall gas and fossil commodities being dirt cheap during the clinton administration.

    W and cheney were failures in the real business world, and just because they still believe in trickle-down deficits doesn't fix that, even though it may fool weak-minded john Q publics such as yourself...

    i've said it before and i'll say it again -- modern day neo-conservatives (like bush) are little more than useless derelicts who accomplish nothing more than dreaming of getting rich.
  9. Chicago has 3 million people....vs Frances 50 mil. 3 goes into 50......

    The whole US does not ever have one weather silly people.
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    Bungrider once again you post without addressing the topic at hand. What do you have to say about the 10k people that have died in the last week in France. I guess the socialist world is not paradise afterall. They are dropping like flees. Hell it would take Saddam months to kill that many French and this happened all in one week. Also care to add anything about the unemployment situation in France or how they are so-called environmentalists yet have some of the worst pollution on the planet? I thought a socialist society was perfect. And I like how you keep bringing it back to Bush. Is there anything in this world that is not Bush's fault? Anything? You liberals have the same song and dance about everything. You find a way to blame Bush for everything under the sun. I am just showing you the fallacy in your thinking.
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