What the hell is with all the rabid antisemitism on this site the last couple days?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Hello, Dec 30, 2010.

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    I find it funny that all of the liberals on this site who preach tolerance and jump down someones throat at the slightest politically incorrect statement from a conservative, have no problem jumping into thread after thread after thread shitting all over Jews.

    All of these liberals must have gotten all the catholic bashing out of their system over the christmas holidays, and now found a new target.
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    Oh dont worry nothing you say comes as a shock to me, your the same asshole who keeps coming in here and posting a bunch of non sense and lies, about jewish people and keeps getting banned.

    What i find strange is the normal posters on this site who normally post decent responses and are long time members all of a sudden coming out of the woodworks with total garbage.
    Case in point below.

    I have no problem with Ricters comment, as quite frankly what he said is true, but when this idiot omegapoint comes out and implies that there is a good reason for Jews ending up on peoples deathlists quite frankly it is one of the more psychotic things i have heard on this site. He is implying that hitler had it right.
  3. Ricter


    Every "race" and persuasion gets it on this forum. It was "bullet in the brain" last week for liberals, or "reichtard" for conservatives, or "parasites" for the needy the week before. Jews got their turn (again), thanks to more news from jooland.
  4. They're probably not liberals, they're probably the propaganda wing of Jihadists. Brothers in arms, nevertheless. [​IMG]
    No one in the group Obama & the Democrats is Jewish. Lieberman's an independent.
  5. isn't Obama a Jew?
  6. He claims he's a Christian, right along with Reverend Wrong. But his father's a Muslim, which makes Barry a Muslim, according to Muslim law. [​IMG]
    His former chief of staff Rham Immanuel, the "part year resident" of Illinois, I think is a Jew, but he doesn't count.
  7. Ricter has a history of antisemitic statements which have only become less and less subtle over years and "this idiot omegapoint" (as you so fondly called him :) ) is in fact and has always been...one of the biggest anti-semitic idiots on this forum. Lest we forget Optional/ZZZzzz and the resident islamo-nazi sameeh/wael (who in all fairness is no liberal but an islamic cyber-jihadist). No surprises here, the Liberal-Islamo-Nazi alliance in all its glory.
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    Nothing brings a_person out of retirement like a jew thread. Must have the terms on auto-search.

    For the record, I don't like chest-drummers of any persuasion, and (some) jews are perhaps the most enduring of these.
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    What i dont get about liberals is this, you would think that liberals would jump at the chance to defend jews as they have been the biggest victims of persecution throughout all of history.

    The only thing i can think of is that Jewish people are successful and that must obviously outweigh the whole victim thing for them, the hatred must come from the fact that Jewish people seem to disproportionately end up being succesful

    But i dont see this as some sort of coincidence look at Asians, or western muslims, they are both disproportionately succesful when compared to blacks or whites. It has to do with work ethic. Why dont liberals hate asians?

    I think that alot of these liberals must think that Jewish people have some secret code where they stamp the star of David on their finals in college and it gets them automatic good grades.
  10. Your posts are antisemitic, not anti-chest-drumming. Explaining their bigotry by what some representatives of a race/religion etc may have done is the classic last resort of .... bigots.
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