what the hell is up with NQ?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by heilbronner, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. We are trading in a range less than 5 points for about an hour now. Opening is supposed to have the biggest volatility, damn.
  2. this sucks (how am I to pay my mortgage :( )
  3. pspr


    Sell naked puts and calls! :D
  4. IMHO you don't get much premium with that kind of vola. :(

  5. so Heilbronner....

    I haven't been too active recently, and thus have not been reading your posts...

    .... got any good short candidates? (or longs?)



  6. Hi ice,

    I decided to end posting trades on ET. Jcom will be the last trade posted.



    ...Trade done!!!!

    Just sold all the rest of Jcom @ 29.08 with a gain of 12%.

    So in all there is now a profit in Jcom of around 39% in a relatively short time.

    This will be the last trade posted on ET.

    Good luck to everybody...
  7. Ditch


    With intraday margins about the same and this kind of volatility i can't think of much reasons that favor NQ above Es right now.
  8. maybe it is all the ex-bullet traders crowding into the minis??

  9. Totally right, Ditch.

    But as NQ has been good to me and I feel good vibrations with NQ I don't switch to ES although you are right.

    But if that kind of range is establishing I have to rethink, of course.
  10. Ditch



    after the latest margin increase i went back to Es. I don't regret it so far, it's a bit smoother and during tight congestion the smaller tick size is an advantage.
    #10     Dec 2, 2003