What the hell is this?

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  1. I've "x"ed out the name to avoid accusations of spamming. Any theories as to what these jokers could possibly be referring to?

    Here's the ad copy....

    The XXXX Method
    You can start immediately - We'll show you how!

    The Answer is XXXXX!

    This revolutionary and proven trading method can be found nowhere else. This is not some fancy theoretical idea. We have proven results , routinely seeing 150% annual rates of return!! And nowhere else will you learn to trade to great wealth with little risk. Sound complicated? Well it isn't.

    XXXX is the ONLY method that will allow you to trade with no care at all about market movement. Why pretend you can predict the future when you know you can't?

    While everybody else is sweating, you will be sitting back without a care in the world, because with XXXX you win when the market is going up OR down!

    The XXXX Method Revealed

    XXXX takes futures trading from the wilds of Las Vegas to the conservative values of Main Street.

    No more rooting desperately for the market to move up or down!
    No more anger and frustration as you see your margin being whittled away! No more fear that the market will get away from you overnight! Want a quick look at trading futures? Sign up for your FREE tutorial below.

    How XXXXX Works

    XXXXX works by achieving two seemingly impossible goals: 1) you never lose, and 2) you earn money without ever predicting the direction of the market. The only means of achieving these "impossible" goals is to trade a system that perfectly oscillates up and down, independent of market movement. XXXX lets you create this amazing oscillation!!

    In the simplest form of trading an oscillation, you just wait to exit until your position moves into positive territory to take a win. It's easy! Trading Futures will walk you through the process step by step from beginning to end.

    If the oscillation has a known amplitude (how high the waves go from top to bottom), you can precisely know the amount of money you must have available as the system moves against your position. If the frequency of the oscillation is known (how often you see peaks), the amount of money you earn over time is also known since you take a profit at each peak! You know precisely how much you much invest for a particular return, and have no risk of ever losing because the wave peaks just keep rolling on. It's that simple!!

    We will show you everything you need to know! We make it EASY! When you receive our book Trading Futures you will have all the tools you need to start earning money immediately!!
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    "In the simplest form of trading an oscillation, you just wait to exit until your position moves into positive territory to take a win. It's easy! "


    If you could do that would you tell anybody or just walk around with a shit eating grin?
  3. all the way to the bank
  4. Neodude


    ROFL, sounds like "The STARS Method". You sure will be seeing stars...

  5. you forgot to add this quote from their website

    -There are closely related futures contracts that when traded in the appropriate ratios create unending oscillations of profit. When these contracts are properly traded there will never be a losing trade-

  6. oops ... forgot to add this quote from their website

    -We like making lots of money. By making our system available to others we can make additional profits on top of what we earn from trading the system. We have nothing to lose by letting others use our system and everything to gain. After all, we're not giving it away, we're selling it.-

    -You can benefit from the 5 years of research and studies that we have completed to develop this innovative and never-before revealed system. Learn the secret that the experts on Wall Street have known for years. Learn why only a "select few" traders know how to make huge profits.-

    ( note ... I am so excited ... about this method I signed up )

    - Thank you for_ordering your FREE tutorial!-
    _ -You will receive an email shortly, with the Lesson One attached.-
    _ -You will receive one lesson each_week for the next three weeks.-

    I will let ET members know if I learned anything !

  7. Yeah, and I'm still waiting for the Nazz to oscillate back up to 5000.
  8. Not sure we'll live THAT long :)
  9. But that guy is very succesfull !!!!! :eek:

    "By applying my own wealth-building methods, I am now independently wealthy, working only when I feel the urge. I own a single-engine jet worth over $1 million, which I pilot myself. I fly my family to exotic destinations on a whim. We stay only at the most luxurious hotels, and dine at the finest restaurants. My wife and I are active SCUBA divers, and travel around the world each year to some of the world's most exclusive resorts. We snow ski every year, again residing at resorts reserved for the truly wealthy. We do not wait on lift lines. I own a home, worth $2 million, situated on a private cove on one of the most beautiful lakes in the country. Sitting in our dock is the $50,000 ski boat we own (Cobalt); in our garage you will find a new Lexus RX330 SUV and a new Lexus ES330 sedan."
  10. Mel gibson drives a lexus:D
    Setharb, do let us know how this spread trading method looks:)
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