What the hell is going on?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by hcour, Apr 7, 2008.

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    Why are there OLD Jack Hershey threads all over the place all of a sudden? This is just weird.

  2. hughb


    WTF?? They are a couple of years old. I guess the post that bumped them up has been deleted, and a few of them have been closed. Whoever it is with the Jack Hershey obsession needs to see a psychiatrist.
  3. There's one guy going around posting a flame of Jack and posting a picture of an older guy with white hair. He has apparently done a search of all threads with grob, Hershey, etc. and resurrected them.

    However, all these other threads are resurrected without new posts!!

    ET seems to be pretty easy to hack.
  4. hughb


    That pic of Jack is legit. It's the pic he posted for his IBD meetup.
  5. Joe


    If a post gets bumped and is ancient send me a link in a PM. I'm closing out all the really old ones about Jack H.
  6. Might a Jack fan disrespectfully inquire why you are closing my favorite threads? I mean, Jack himself is old, are you going to "close" him, too?
  7. Last night, the latest incarnation of trader28 decided to resurrect all threads where bubba7, grob109 or Jack Hershey posted. By posting the same diatribe over and over again within each new (old) thread discovered, the web site became filled with antiquated Hershey threads. After Trader28's sock puppet met with, yet another, in a long line of banishments, the new posts hit the trash can as well. However, the threads remained 'bumped' - but without the recent posts which caused the 'bump.' Don't fret, the troll has already returned under a different username and IP Address (the advantage of using anonymous proxy servers), and has already started to, once again, resurrect some of your old threads. :D

    - Spydertrader
  8. am not a JH reader but just curious, have checked out the last 10 posts or so since there's all this fuss about him being banned and loads of unexplained banning & swift deleting action on ET lately... not necessarily a bad thing (translation: long overdue)

    what did the poster do that contravenes the rules of this forum? what was the offense?
  9. Thank you for explaining. I worked a 26-hour shift yesterday, so I was out of touch. It is so embarrasing to be reminded of the sins of one's youth. No doubt Jack feels the same way.
  10. so whats the deal here? the guy (trader28) just wants $$$ for peace from ET, the usual racket?

    Baron why not implement the paypal idea for ppl who want to post, not just read & browse? u still get the eyeballs and the advert cachingos, right?
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