what the hell is FinanceVisor? A direct copy of ET???

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  1. So I found this thread on ET about PaintBarFactory:


    My google search also returned this thread on FinanceVisor, which is EXACTLY THE SAME except the posters' names are different:


    What the hell is going on? Did I just walk into the matrix?

    edit - or is that a spam forum that copies posts from other forums in an attempt to give itself "content" to appear "legit" to search engines thus increasing PR and SERP placement in some form of mininet SEO project?
  2. We're through the looking glass, people"

    Seriously, what gives?
  3. hey what the hell, i'm in that thread!? lol... Definitely a lame data-mining bot site.
  4. scwabb uses ET for investment advice
  5. IQ139



    op found Baron's PLAN B :D

    hey whatever, everyone needs plan B
  6. hughb


    This exact same thing happened on a bodybuilding board I used to frequent. All of us went over there and flamed the shit out of the copycat board. The mods eventually had to stop all new registrations.

    It seems as though their search function isn't working over there, it is giving error messages.....
  7. why is this in chitchat? the mods will never see it here.
  8. lol!!!! :D
  9. nkhoi

    nkhoi Moderator

    no, just a pale imitator. People will figure out who is the real deal anyway.