What the hell happened here?

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  2. he just need to get 8 hours sleep a day.
  3. Bearice had too much to drink?
  4. And then Bearice replied, "Clothes, clothes, you don't need most clothes. You can get by with half. Half of everything. Seven billion people wasting natural resources wearing clothes. I only wear half my clothes half the time. I wear the other half the other half the time. Save 50% on your annual clothing bill by wearing half your clothes, 50% less useless clothing inflation-the invisible tax, which is good for the environment, not the invisible tax, but the less land resources used for useless clothes. You don't need most clothes, the clothing advertisements just say you do. If you buy half the clothes you need every month, you save one half. I'm not sure, I think."
  5. Hello


    :D:D :D
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    That's right. He brought a bottle of water just like when he goes to bed.
  7. LOL...one of the funniest posts I've read in a very long time :D


  8. HAHAHAH nice job. :D A legit LOL for me.