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  1. Ok. CECO fell from 55 to 46... Gets halted. The allegations against them were false. Stock reopens at 14:55. at 14:50 MMs bid it up. It opens. i get long. at 14:58 BAD news come out with new allegations AFTER the halt. Well I lost only 2 points on 2k- the stock goes to hell below 40s.

    How the hell do they halt a stock - come out with GOOD news, and 3 min after they reopen it they come out with BAD, negating the GOOD. THis is not kosher.
  2. Your facts are wrong. They never came out with good news. The said the allegations are false, however this is the second allegation against CECO in 2 weeks.

    MM never bid up the stock GSCO tried to bid stock so others would follow so they could sell and hit those bids.

    I lost a lot more than a couple points on 2K. I wish i never heard of CECO
  3. This stock was an accident waiting to happen...allegations 2 weeks ago of fraud..stock sells off, and the lemmings all come back to drive it back to 55...what a crock of shit.

    Where there is smoke there is fire..anyone long this piece of crap deserves the beating.

    60X EPS and allegations of fraud..what do you expect?

    Glad I am Short from 52.50.

    Do your homework boy's.



    You are totally correct. The company just denied the accusations....and the stock plummeted within seconds after reopening, it never had a real bid.

    Sorry to hear about your bad day.
  5. Stocks priced for perfection get no break on this type of news ..what on earth compelled you to buy a stock down 20% in 10 minutes?

    Tyco, Enron et al..also denied everything, do you beleive everything a CEO says? What else would they say?

    Come on now.

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    sorry to hear. but tomorrow is another day.

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    Hehe good point.

    Listen to this man's advice, especially when dealing with crazy Naz stocks.
  8. Yep just a bad trade. Looking for a quick scalp and got run over and then comitted the cardinal sin of averaging down trying to break even. Whack, I got run over.

    Such a painful day.

    Tomorrow is a nother day, and i will be refocused and forget about the money i lost but always remember the lesson.

  9. David,

    You know, I never blame anyone for my losses. This was the first time - but something inside me told me that its my fault. What a frigging idiot I was - my fault completely.

    Thanks man for pointing it out.
  10. No offense, but we're wondering bro.. why do you sound so mad/angry....??! It's just a stock... and if you were not short you probably couldn't give a damn.

    Also, I love when some guys just gotta tell others what price they are short from after a stock plummets! :eek: Like it's some red badge of courage... ! Hard to trade with anger and ego without losing a lot sooner or later. JMHO! :p

    B.T.W when I read 'biased' comments like yours' (since you don't REALLY know the facts for sure.. do you?), it makes me want to go long tomorrow! In other words, everything isn't as black and white as you make it sound; and fear motivates the maddening crowd(s) to sell off a company even quicker now... than in prior years... given the corruption of the bubble years!

    b.t.w. since you're short (still) and told us your entry price... what's your stop price, and where would you go long, if at all?!


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