What the heck is this ??

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    Man, the music, the intensity---- These claims seem to be impossible---- what the heck is this thing???

  2. selling my farm as I type !!!!

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    To think these are the brains behind the holy grail above??? !!!

  4. Her hair's a mess.
  5. Dustin


    Nice find, thanks for the laughs.
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    To be upfront here guys, yes I AM SELLING SOMETHING. My name is Randy and I've been on Elite Trader for 5 years. I'm one of the members of the Exchange - which is a ET Sponsorer.

    I used to be a mortgage banker, which is where the Exchange is comming from. These are not hardened traders with years of experience.

    My story is that I went in to look at these claims, fully expecting the same BS as I had seen in over a dozen trading room I have been in over the years ... fills that only 2 people on the planet could ever get, great claims ... but don't dare ask for a brokerage statement.

    Oh, and my personal favorite, a posted track record that no one actually traded.

    What I saw really suprised me. REALLY.

    First, these guys have a real office, as in a receptionist, 70,000 square feet, full time staff, etc. Yah, I know that has nothing to do with trading, but it does show that its not one guy sitting in his PJs too.

    Second, I walked in met the owner of this office who had sold out his mortgage company of 100+ of loan officers that used to fill said office and had looked for and found a way to replace mortgage banking (exutive office suites and trader education).

    I thought, a newbie, yah right. This oughta be fun. I asked him for a trading journal. He said, sure let me get it for you. (Jaw dropping as he went)

    He did, I looked over the results. I read it page by page. Charts of entries and exits printed up from a trading platform. It coulda STILL been all BS, I still didn't beleive it.

    Then I came in to watch live trading (promising to be silent as the grave). I saw it all in real time - a newbie with less than 6 months trading profitably. If I didn't see, I would NEVER have beleived it.

    I freely admit these guys are not what a seasoned trader would expect. That's the good news too. They literaly have office staff / ex loan officers who have NEVER traded before making conistant profits month over month off of trading news releases scalping .5 to 1.5 pts ES. They use discipline, money management, hard stops, and other things that took me years to really learn.


    NOW, I know youre all gonna rip me to shreds. I've been here, I know the drill.

    All I humbly ask is that you ask for proof. We do have it. Pre trade work sheets of what the news is likely to be, Support and resistance levels showing likely targets. Print ups of the news releases (which we get a few seconds before most services get them out to most subscribers - the heart of this system) Print ups of the trade platform screen showing entries and exits, oh yah, and brokerage statements showing someone actually made the trade.

    Scorn me all ya want, I know I'm opening myself up to it.

    Will this system stop working someday because we are sharing it? YES!! I admit it.

    But the ES is just one market moved by news. There is still, oil, gold, bonds, Europe's markets, etc. It'll take a LONG time to saturate the market with THAT many scalpers.

    Every trading system I know of says to stay OUT of the market 1 second after a news release (more like 5 minutes before and after). This one says get in! Sometimes the best trades are the ones that are counterintuitive.

    Am I shill?? Yes, I'm open and honest about selling a product - as a PAID sponsorer of this forum. Yes, it costs 2050 bucks to join and $150 Month for institutional speed news releases.

    Why am I doing this? To make money. Pure and simple. Someone decided to maket this before I came along and as long as it was gonna be marketed, I figured I may as well recover some of the money I have paid to learn other systems.

    SO, there ya have it.

    Please be somewhat respectful in asking your questions and I'll try to answer.

  7. With all due respect, an ex mortgage broker opening up an educational trading facility is highly suspicious. however we have cab drivers and ex car salesmen doing it all the time.

    Do they have any proof what so ever for the claims?

    Why do they use high school AV people as his fronts on the video if he is so succesful with so much cash? something seems very fishy!
  8. FUrthermore, your premise is flawed as a succesful trading system. You obviously dont understand how news is diseminated and are hoping this angle will capture enough noobs to make your profit via fees.

    This is near an exact copy of the scheme that sells you tne NFP figures supposedly prior to their being released to the public for FX trading--- are you related to the winningtraderassociation by chance????

    Where is this 70k foot office? I want to visit.

  9. inves200

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    I have absolutely NO relationship with the "winningtradingassociation".

    The office is at Jordan River Parkway in the Salt Lake City area. Its right next to MonaVie Corporate Offices. If you will PM your e mail adress I will forward e mails that gives ya all the particulars.

    I'll even send a video of the place if ya like...

  10. inves200

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    I have no idea of why they do the high school video thing. Maybe to keep the staff busy??

    As for proof, I can send you one person's trading journal showing the set ups and the trades? Oh, and the brokerage print out of the fills. Its not super clear, but its something for now. Better stuff to follow. Please PM and I will send it as an E mail attachment.
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